Due to COVID-19 outbreak, life has become unusual and unpredictable. We know how much you miss the feeling of freedom, to explore the world and feel a meaningful connection to life. That’s why we are making it possible for you to explore Israel virtually from your home, office, or wherever you might be located during these times. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone to tour with us on zoom, whether on a live tour or a virtual walkthrough of some of the more famous sites in Israel.

Each tour lasts for 1 hour and can include up to 100 participants. 

Book your Private Virtual Tour at a location of your choice for 300 USD. Your guide will show you the location live via the Zoom app while telling you all about the place and you can of course ask any questions you like. 

Sign up to a scheduled Group Virtual Tour for 12 USD per person and tour. Your guide will show you visuals such as photos and videos from the location while telling you all about the place.

Let's go on this unforgettable journey together


Visit the  ancient Roman Theater breathtakingly located on the
Mediterranean beach, the Roman bathhouse, the Hippodrome, and the famous port.

The Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall

Learn more about the fascinating story of the about 2000 people living in the Jewish quarter today and also
visit the holiest site of the Jewish people, the Western Wall


Explore this isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert, a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert. 


Fly along the Israeli coast and enjoy a birds-eye-view of the Crusader fortress of Appolonia, located on a cliff, facing the Medittereaen Sea.

Graffiti Tour

Tel Aviv is a melting pot of different people and cultures, diverse forms of expressions and character that make the urban scene what it is today.


Participate in this special trip in "the Arab capital of Israel" located in the Lower Galilee, visit the Old City and check out the beautiful church and paintings at the Basilica of the Annunciation

City of David

Discover this fascinating archaeological site  which has been suggested an ancient core of settlement in Jerusalem dating back to the Bronze Age.

Ein Gedi

One of the most beautiful places in Israel and it has become one of the most popular hiking spots and one of the few places in the Israeli desert where waterfalls stream all year long.

Via Dolorasa

Take a pilgrimage to the Via Dolorosa, the winding route of about 600 meters between the former Antonia Fortress and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Cradle of Christianity

Come on an unforgettable virtual experience in the Galilee region, visiting the most popular Christian sites together with one of Israel’s best guides


Visit the underground world of the Hospitaliers in one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, dating back to the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III . 

Jerusalem of 3 Religions

Explore the sites of the Muslim Quarter with its colorful Arab market, the Christian Quarter, and the Jewish Quarter to see the Cardo and the Western Wall.


Located on the edge of the Judean Desert, the Herodion is one of the most fascinating antiquities sites in the country, a combined palace and powerful fortress.


The ancient port city was the gateway to the Holy Land and has a unique biblical story, beautiful views, and great art

COVID-19 and Bats

A kid-friendly talk about the reputation about bats, how we became afraid of them, and their connection to the coronavirus

Behind the Scenes of JLM

Get unique inside stories and learn about the most popular archaeological sites, their background, and how they have become important for today’s Jerusalem.


The center of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah where we'll do a walking tour, visiting the ancient synagogues, as well as the art galleries.

Dome of the Rock

Discover one of the Islam’s holiest sites. What is the religious importance of this location and why has it become such a conflicted area? We answer all your questions through this virtual tour. 

The Nabatean Spice Route

Desert fortresses, ancient trails, and long roads ahead, all hidden in plain site throughout the sands of Israel.

Lost Monasteries

Discover the stories of the first Christian monks and their way of life that persists today.