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LET's introduce ourselves

Formerly known as Levin Travel, we are a boutique tour agency specializing in one-of-a-kind custom experiences. We've recently re-branded to reflect the high standards to which we have always held ourselves. Our team works super hard on each and every experience and we pride ourselves in building personalized itineraries to fit your needs, and also show you a different side of each of our popular locations. Come join us as we create international ambassadors one trip of a lifetime at a time!




A trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. 

Whatever your religious belief is (or isn't) the land of Israel offers a unique spiritual experience for all. Whether a pilgrimage to the churches of the Galilee, a Shabbat prayer at the Wailing Wall, or a meditative retreat in the Negev Desert, Israel holds something for us all to encounter on some deeper level, to learn and grow, to evolve. Just as this country has changed lives it is continuously changed by those who live here and call Israel home. How will this change affect you and how will you change Israel?


Food, wine, and an all-around good time!

As one of the most visited countries in the world, Italy's reputation proceeds it. If you think you know what you're expecting then expect to be surprised. As a team, we strive to take the Italian experience forward and are crafting impeccable trips to places you've never heard of but will never forget. A luxurious Mediterranean retreat like no other awaits! With each custom trip, we get closer and closer to understanding Italy's old and mysterious soul. What secrets will you discover?


A jewel of the Mediterranean.

Sapphire blue waters, white houses, and a lot of history. Like Israel and Italy, Greece has a reputation that proceeds it. We mean to let Greece speak for itself. Whether you're golfing in the rolling hills, hiking up impressive ranges, or simply relaxing on the beach, we want these experiences to be new to you and more than you could have ever imagined. Step into the unknown of the ancient world and see what modern Greece has for you to discover. Are you ready for your adventure of discovery to begin?