Tasting the culture & history of wine & More

About The Trip

We will savor the essence of the land and immerse ourselves in the rich culture of local wines with ancient roots and renewed passion.

Wine; our muse. "Each drop tells a tale of time and place, of the winemaker's craft and the hidden memories of those who partake. It presents a mesmerizing lens through which to view life. " - Roni Saslove

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Israel

Day 2

Ignite Your Senses

Day 3

Judea: Israel's First Wine Region

Day 4

Wine, Vines, and Grape-Inspired Cuisine

Day 5

Sustainability, Wine, and Life

Day 6

The Science and Nostalgia Behind Wine and Spirits

Day 7

Take Me Home To Remember

Day 8

Tasting The Future


  • $13,700 Per person based on two sharing. Single supplement cost applies.
  • Single supplement: $2,400.00
  • Please note that all accommodations provided during your stay will be of 5-star rating, ensuring that you experience the highest level of luxury and comfort throughout your trip.

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