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Drone Takeoff

Benjamin Levin

CEO and Dreamer

Cup of Tea

Julia Gelbard

Multi-generation Family Experiences and Team Manager

Yoga at Home

Geffen Tabachnik

Head of Spiritual and Educational Missions

Art Fun

Shelly Barda

Partner Liaison and Event Creator


Karin Lavi

Family Experiences and Sustainable Accountability 

Hand Holding a Camera

Idan Levy

Educational Mission Specialist


Benny Ben Israel

Italy Experience Creator


Aphrodite Sfakianaki

Greece Experience Creator

Partners and Initiatives


Beit Ruth

We believe in people.

As a small company catering to quite a lot of clients, we realized early on that we are in a powerful position as experience creators; we can influence what people are exposed to.

So we want to introduce you all to the amazing women of Beit Ruth, an inspiring organization with a clear and important mission: to make sure that vulnerable, at-risk girls can thrive! All these girls are incredible and unique in their own way and the dedicated staff of women at the village and behind the scenes know this more than anyone. Be a part of breaking the cycle of violence for these girls and future generations!

Green Initiative

It isn't all desert here...

As climate change becomes one of the more apparent global threats of this century, we have begun to look inward to see what we can do as a company. We then discovered that we were giving out more than 40,000 plastic water bottles a year to our clients and thought "WOW! Here we can change..."

So welcome to phase one of our Green Initiative: Reducing our plastic consumption. Now we provide reusable, refillable water bottles and have put a water map together for anyone to use to find clear cool water to re-fill their LET Travel bottles with. How can you help the cause?

Volunteering Initiative

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

We all have something in abundance to offer others: our time. At LET Travel we try to spend as much of our time out of the office investing in others, giving back to our communities, countries, locations, and partners, and we want you to join us! Make volunteering part of your experience as you connect with our destinations in a unique way while also giving back so that when you go back home you know that you left a place much more positive than when you first arrived!