• Geffen Tabachnik

You need to see these mysterious caves…

What makes a luxury experience so luxurious?

Has it ever happened that you showed up at a seemingly “plain” destination, only to feel that something truly magical was going on there?

This is how we craft luxurious experiences on our trips.

We believe that you can create a life changing moment, no matter where you go, as long as you’ve got all of the right ingredients.

There are many ways to reach a destination. On our luxury tours, we take you around in style. For example, landing a helicopter on top of a mountain for a spectacular view on the way up.

Or we might bring you to a ‘regular’ oasis and set up a glamping complex there that completely changes the atmosphere; creating the feeling of a high-end hotel in the middle of nowhere.

As part of our trips, we also reach the southernmost city in Israel - Eilat.

From there, we can take you on an incredible yacht tour of the Red Sea.

Usually, when looking for a luxury trip that includes boating, many people will hear the word ‘yacht’ and assume that that is all it takes to ensure a luxurious experience on the water.

But when we take visitors to Eilat, we give them an entirely different experience:

Board an ancient ship, renovated from head to toe,

where guests will enjoy a gourmet meal of fresh fish handmade by the same renaissance man who renovated the historic vessel.

In this way,

we create an experience that bridges worlds and provides a twist on the classic luxury boating experience.

A lavish luxury trip and a novel experience, all in one.

Our goal is to bring luxury to the most historically relevant of places,

Those places, where you would not expect to experience a chef's meal, or a helicopter landing.

Our trips make the simplest of experiences,

feel like the most unforgettable moments.-

Like sitting in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris,

only you’re really at the beach, just outside one of our custom-built tents,

A pot of tea is warming over the fire, waiting for you once you finish eating the meal that our private chef prepared just for you.

Or like arriving at a tent in the heart of the desert,

but instead of turning up exhausted and dehydrated -

you were brought there on a helicopter; looking forward to a day in the desert heat,

and finishing off the afternoon with a pampering massage scheduled just for you…

These luxury tours,

will be remembered for decades to come.

The memories you create here will be unlike any others,

And they will be all yours.

It's important to us to make luxury accessible -

to integrate opulence into any situation -

and not rely on the environment alone to make the magic…

Magic is our job.

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