• Geffen Tabachnik

One Of Our Secrets For The Perfect Family Trip 🤫

Today we’d like to tell you about one the fundamentals of our trips.

One of the things that make a trip memorable, not just another family trip -

the reason we believe we know how to tailor a trip perfectly to your specific needs -

Our guides 💪

No two families are alike -

No child wants to have the exact same Bat Mitzvah trip that somebody else had.

No grandparents want -

to dine at the exact same restaurant we recommended to other grandparents for whom we booked an anniversary trip.

This is why we carefully select the perfect guide for each individual family.

After our initial conversation with each family, we start planning the trip.

Finding the right guide for each trip and each family that selected us is an instrumental part of the planning.

Each guide is briefed on -

• What the family enjoys

• What to avoid

• Which locations to spend more time in

• Any relevant health issues

We are in constant contact with our guides throughout the day and we are available 24/7.

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