• Geffen Tabachnik

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can go on incredible trips in the winter?

Most of the time, when we talk about "vacation" we immediately imagine the clear sky, the sound of birds chirping, and the sensation of the summer sun on our skin…

Hardly anyone imagines that even in the "least popular" season you can enjoy an incredible luxury trip, rainfall and all!

Israel is indeed a pretty hot country, and our rainy season is short,

but it can be one of the most beautiful times to go out into nature -

The hills are green and covered in flowers; the streams, the lakes - are filled, and the clean, comforting scent of rain envelopes you everywhere you go.

So you're probably wondering -

What kind of luxury trip takes place in the rain?

Go rafting on the Jordan River!

The area from the Jordan River to the Hula Valley makes for an unforgettable rafting trip!

The river is filled to the brim, and it makes for an extreme experience that can not be found elsewhere.

Rafting in the rain is unlike anything you will find on any other rafting trip..

But wait, what else do you do? Where do you sleep?

The answer may surprise you - wherever you want!

These trips include luxurious RVs,

that allow us to stop wherever we want.

Moreover, we can travel freely and spend each night in a different location, wake up to a different landscape and a fresh palette of moments and memories.

The real value lies in the fact that we bring luxury with us, into nature,

into the desert... everywhere.

Our hotel travels with us, allowing us to take several vacations at once.

And if you get up the morning after rafting with sore muscles,

a masseuse will come to your door - no matter where you are.

Hope to see you real soon.

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