• Geffen Tabachnik

Get to know the luxury tours of LET TRAVEL!

What do you see in your minds’ eye when you hear the phrase “luxury tours”?

For many, a luxury tour is taking a private plane to a huge mansion with a pool, a private chef and a huge bed with soft, rich bedding.

And we guess that really does describe luxury.

But… Does a gated mansion and private chef really sound like a tour?

We found our own definition of luxury travel-

It can exist anywhere.

Every trip should have added value,

beyond the material things, beyond the things that can be touched -

There should be an experience on the trip,

and if possible - it should be a totally novel experience.

This is how we do our luxury trips,

we produce a custom made trip for each customer

No two trips are the same as another.

For example, an RV trip is a very cool thing isn't it?

We found a way to add the edge that transforms the experience into a true luxury trip.

Instead of parking the RV in one designated park,

we will stop at a different spectacular destination every night:

On the edge of a crater, in the heart of a forest straight out of a fairytale, perfectly situated to catch the most spectacular sunset,

and the even more amazing sunrise.

We will take you to the edge (literally) and bring you to the most beautiful landscapes

Dinner will be prepared by the most celebrated chefs in Israel

And if you want - you can even spend some of your trip in their homes.

A luxury trip is in the small details,

in the unique dishes at the Jerusalem restaurant prepared especially for you,

at the private entrance to hidden stalactite caves,

eating an authentic Lebanese meal in a Lebanese village…

Material things might be fleeting,

but the experiences they create will stay with you forever.

So, what would you like?

We can prepare for it all for you, and maybe there will be some surprises for you along the way…..

Because we believe that each tour is an experience worth investing in, we put our best efforts into it -

so that you can have those magical moments every step of the way.

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