• Geffen Tabachnik

Check Out One Of Southern Israel’s Most Beautiful places

You know how much we love to travel,

and how we miss all the families that have traveled with us in the past.

We’re also extremely grateful and excited

that many of these families have booked future trips with us,

despite the uncertainty we’ve all been experiencing as of late.

One of our favorite trips to plan is the three-generation trip:

Three generations enjoying the same trip (sort of 😉).

We have to be mindful of the fact that grandpa

can’t always experience travel the same way dad does,

and certainly not the way the grandkids can when they run ahead past the rest of the family.

So what do we do?

We find the balance. We believe that we’ve cracked the code and found a way to make sure that everyone enjoys the best of all worlds without missing out on the experience.

If the kids are happy - the parents are happy, and then the grandparents are happy.

And how does all this play on the ground?

We create joy for each and every member of the family 😊

For example, we put together hiking routes for the kids where

they can climb, run and swim.

On the very same trip we plan an easy walking trail with plenty

of shade for the parents. We make sure that grandma and grandpa

will arrive at the meeting point at the end of the trail

where they can enjoy tea or coffee, and provide them with an educational talk to enrich their knowledge about the sight in which the parents and children are hiking.

What makes a trip like this perfect is that every last detail has been tailored to your needs.

If one of the children on the trip is sensitive to mosquito bites for instance -

our guides will be ready and prepare anti mosquito lotions in advance.

If one of the parents is lactose intolerant -

We will find the best restaurant to accommodate this need.

If grandma and grandpa use wheelchairs -

we will prepare the most fascinating accessible route possible, filled with beautiful vistas and engaging lectures.

We always tell ourselves that as soon as we finish this project,

or after the holidays - then we can take that trip, really invest in quality time with the family.

But honestly?

There’s never a perfect time!

It’s always a good time to travel together, see the world,

experience new places - and as soon as we get back, start planning the next trip 😁

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