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Adam Leathem Bar Mitzvah in Israel

December 19, 2022 Jerusalem

We want to see you...

We are looking forward to sharing Adam’s Bar Mitzvah experience with you in December in Jerusalem.
A formal invitation will be with you later this year, but we wanted to share with you the local itinerary for before and after the celebration event. We are working with a company in Israel called LET Travel who are making the logistical arrangements for us. You can book your accommodation, airport transfers, and additional tours with them directly just fill in the form below. For anyone wishing to spend longer in Israel or the surrounding area, they can also help you to arrange this.
It will be a celebration to remember and a wonderful way to welcome Adam to adulthood, surrounded by our family and friends from across the world.
With love,
Adam, Kim and Simon

The Inbal Hotel - we got you a great price for this amazing hotel

Prices may vary depending on number of nights and exact dates you would like to book

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Standard-New City View

  • View: Jerusalem courtyard or the New City, Floors: 4,6,7, Room size: 24 sq. m.

  • 1 King or 2 Twin beds


December 18th - 23rd, 5 nights-336USD per Night 
Price may vary upon booking; these rates are for 5 nights


We have planned some tours for you to join

Western Wall

December 20- Magical Jerusalem

In the morning Old City-Discovering the significant sites at each quarter, including the Muslim Quarter (security permits) with the colorful Arab market, the Christian Quarter with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Via Dolorosa, and the Jewish Quarter to see the Cardo and the Western Wall.

Food Market

Culinary Tour At Israel’s most famous outdoor market, Mahane Yehudah, where we'll have a chance to taste delicacies of Jewish communities from the entire globe!-it will be the coolest way to have lunch. 

Price per person-230USD
Minimum10 participants

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Dead Sea Scenery

December 21- Into The Desert

Boat Ride and Kayaking on the Dead Sea-On the Dead Sea boat ride the experts will take you to explore the beautiful northern coastline and show you things that will blow you away.  Pearl and diamond formations, salt cliffs, and more. And yes you will go for a dip into the "Yam HaMelach" as well. We will also do Kayaking as you have never experienced before, the paddling is slower and the view is breathtaking. On our journey, we will find salt crystals in different shapes and sizes, and surrounding the Dead Sea are the powerful mountains: on the east, Moav Mountains, on the west, the cliffs of He'etekim and Dragot.

6- מצדה.jpg

Masada-Learn about this amazing archeological wonder, where King Herod built his summer palace and the Zealots from the Great Revolt spent their final days.

Olive Tree Planting-We will plant Olive Trees just outside of Jerusalem in “Adam’s Orchard!”. You will also get to take home some olive oil! Minimum: 3 trees


Price per person-420USD
Minimum10 participants